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Offer - Off lease Used


Off lease laptops and computers – what does it really mean? Well, leasing is a very profitable form of shopping credit used mainly by large companies.

Fast and reliable computer equipment for the world’s largest companies, competing in a technologycal race is the basis of success. Thus, the funds for the newest and most expensive computer equipment are not spared because the projects that are created on it are worth millions. After an annual, two or three year leasing period, the company exchanges the equipment for the newest one, not to be left behind, while the previously used one, after-leasing is sold at very attractive prices.

Thanks to such a course of events, computers from the top shelf, often not available in Poland at all, are still worth thousands of dollars or euros, we can offer you at such attractive prices.

It is worth noting that this is equipment manufactured for the largest world companies, including the army, banks or stock exchanges where only the highest quality product is accepted and there is no room for failure. That is why computers and laptops off lease enjoys so much interest among customers and such a good reputation. The competitive price is always a complement to quality. Convince yourself that the computer can be bought cheaply and well! We have a strong market position in the import and sale of post-leasing computer devices, such as PCs, laptops, monitors, printers and digital cameras. We provide a written guarantee for post-leasing equipment within three months to 12 monts from the date of purchase.

COMPANY OFFER includes, among others:

– equipping with computers and network equipment
– warranty and post-warranty service of computer hardware
– computer upgrades
– selection, installation and configuration of operating systems and software
– server installation and administration
– diagnostics of hardware and computer components
– removal of hardware and software faults
– maintenance of computers, peripherals and networks
– anti-virus protection, firewall
– network construction and installation
– data archivization
– recovery of lost data
– ensuring the security of computer systems and networks
– websites and e-mail accounts
– connection to the Internet
– installation and administration of computer networks
– advice on the selection of equipment, software and solutions
– training
– Off lease laptops and computers