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pctrade.com - Off lease Used




The company has been operating since 1998 and is a direct importer of computer equipment. We have a strong market position in the import and sale of post-leasing computer devices, such as PCs, laptops, monitors, printers and digital cameras. We run both wholesale and retail sales, we supply, among others: computer stores, schools, hospitals, training companies, private enterprises and thousands of individual clients.

We sell wholesale quantities of computer equipment, in particular laptops and PCs. Cheap computers and cheap off lease laptops have gained a very good reputation among customers. These are the computers of the world’s best companies, outperform the performance of ordinary foldbacks and at the same time are quiet, durable, reliable and efficient.


Specializing in servicing companies as well as individual clients in terms of IT for each client, we treat them individually and select the best solutions for their needs. This way of operating is a guarantee of our customers’ satisfaction and a low price of services. The company specializes in the sale of computer sets and devices. Our strength is also the implementation of network solutions in terms of hardware and software. We have been supplying computers for years, our goal is to meet customer expectations and its full satisfaction. Both new laptops and used post-leasing notebooks undergo a series of tests so that you can enjoy the reliability of the purchased equipment. The competitive price is always a complement to quality. Convince yourself that the computer can be bought cheaply and well!

We sell only leading brands:

dell    Lenovo    Panasonic    HP    Toshiba    Fuji

Acer, Getac, IBM, Apple, Asus, Philips, Nec, Eizo, iiyama and many others.